An Open Letter to Justice Bradley

Dear Justice Bradley,

First off I would like to thank you for your continued service to the State of Wisconsin and impartial justice.  Unfortunately, however, situations have arisen and we need your help.  As I am sure you are aware, allegations were released today that there was an incident where Justice Prosser, who has had issues with judicial conduct in the past, put his hands around your neck following a request that he leave your office.  As you are aware, as a judge, this conduct, if indeed it happened, is not only illegal but unethical.  I think I speak on behalf of the people when I say that we need an explanation.

We need an explanation for several reasons.  The first reason is that if this is true he needs to be held accountable for his actions which were not only uncalled for but would be grounds for immediate termination in much of any workplace in the public or private sector of employment.  Supreme Court justices should hold themselves to a higher standard than average employees and by being silent and neither confirming nor denying these actions it only escalates the situation.  If it did happen, I feel, as do many, that you owe it to the people who voted you in, particularly victims of abuse, to bring this misconduct to light.  No one is above the law, including an ignorant justice.

The second reason is for public safety.   Many believe, due to Prosser’s conduct, that he is not even mentally stable.  Let’s be honest what kind of sane person calls another justice a bitch?  What kind of sane person calls protesters assholes (I personally witnessed this one)?  And if true, what kind of sane person puts his hands on a colleagues neck?  Let’s just be honest, if this is true, it is a clear indication that Justice Prosser is not fit to serve on the Supreme Court and must immediately resign.   How safe is it if this kind of person has free access to the Capitol, 24/7, and no oversight?  Will we wait until he kills someone to finally say something?

The third and final reason in this letter is that if it is not true, we owe it to Justice Prosser to smear this allegation.  The fact that neither party denied it, and Chief Charles Tubbs was called to an incident between judges does signal that it is most likely true but I believe you owe it to the citizens of Wisconsin to clear this up.  Just allowing an allegation to stay silent does no one any good.  If it is not true it is mean to let false allegations go unclear.  If it is true, I would consider the equivalent of spitting in the face of every victim of violence to not make sure he gets the full punishment which includes exposing this conduct.  I thank you for reading this letter and strongly urge you to make a statement as soon as possible.  We, the citizens, will not allow this to be swept under the rug.  Thank you and have a great day!

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC


10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Justice Bradley

  1. It’s nice to see that someone is addressing her, rather than just random calls for explanations. You could use a little proofreading – mostly just commas, and some minor editing of “flow” & clarification. Not bad for a first post, and the content is definitely right on ! Keep up the good work.

  2. There are no statements made because they’re jobs forbid it. They all have to follow the same rules. If true, Prosessor belongs behind bars. Which we all know will never happen. I’m sure the higher ups will see to that. Sadly those with money or those backed by people with money no longer have to follow the rules. Only those of us middle and lower income citizens do. This has sadly become not the same country that my family’s soliders have fought to keep and protect.

  3. I think it was left out what an impact his actions will have on the youth in Wisconsin. In our homes, our schools, our recreational parks & buildings a non violent atmosphere has been not only encouraged but insisted upon by adults trying to impress them with alternate ways of dealing with frustration & anger. Now they are witnessing a judge who is supposedly sits high in a honored office attack another judge (not to mention a man attacking a woman) in a fit of uncontrolled anger. How do we as the ones trying to “stop the violence” explain his actions, & more so the lack of accountability for those actions..

  4. Good post, and I agree. Something’s really wrong here and a cover-up isn’t needed. I hope Justice Bradley will speak up about what happened and not continue to enable Justice Prosser to behave in the terrible fashion he’s exhibited for the past several years if this allegation is true. I also hope that if it is true, Justice Prosser will either resign or be impeached — this behavior should never be tolerated regardless of your political party/preference. Period.

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