Looking Over the Prosser Situation!

So, yesterday we wrote an open letter to Justice Bradley and although that probably was not what influenced her decision, she did make a public response two hours after it was released online.  I am glad she decided to come forward.  She stated that Prosser did indeed put his hands around her neck after refusing to leave her office when requested.  She also said it was under investigation.  Prosser immediately denied the claims, which is common for people who commit violent crimes.   Some people say lets wait until the courts decide to make any judgements.  While I respect this notion, I disagree.  Prosser is a public figure, put there by Kathy Nickolaus (or the people whichever you believe).  And when you are dealing with people who have access to unlimited Koch lawyers and operate within the secrecy of the Supreme Court, this point will likely never come.

But let’s take a look at the situation for a moment.  Prosser had previously called Chief Justice Abrahamson a bitch and said he would destroy her.  Then he stood by those words and said they were warranted.  Sure, people get in arguments every day and some of them get verbally abusive.   Some even include threats, almost always empty.  However most can acknowledge later that maybe that was a bad thing to say even if they still don’t agree with each other.  This is called being an adult and a functioning member of society.  Is it too far off to think that a man that would stand behind words like that over a difference in opinion would put hands on another woman’s neck?  It not only a stretch, but given all information that has been publicized on this situation, it seems probable.

Next let’s go into the moment this story is being developed.  Both parties declined to comment.  Now I respect that Justice Bradley was nice enough to not comment.  But her not commenting in the beginning seems nothing more than sheer courtesy.  I couldn’t have done it myself, I would have let him have it if I were her, but she really has nothing to gain by not commenting.  Prosser on the other hand also declined to comment.  Considering he was the aggressor in the original allegation, he would have know the story would be released whether he commented or not.  Had he not done it the only thing he could have done would be deny it.  He had a lot to gain by not commenting.  He was hoping it would be swept under the rug.  Sorry Prosser, we the people will not allow that.

Given the evidence and traits we have seen from Prosser, I believe that Prosser did indeed put his hands around Justice Bradley’s neck.  I consider him guilty and I believe the court of public opinion does as well.  So it is time to make a clear statement and surprisingly, this time, it is not a partisan one.  We must form as a people and stand together and send the message that violence in any workplace is unacceptable.  And because of this Prosser must resign immediately.  We have created a Facebook group to help send this message.  You can feel free to join it here:

And an event to send this message as well for those in Madison or able to get to the Capitol:


Please join us in sending the message that this type of conduct is not ok.  Violence is not acceptable period.  I can hear the tea party response to this posting right now.  They will attack me so let me squash this here and now, not because I am in any way obligated or have to, but because I have been waiting to expose another area of injustice for quite some time.  It is true I have a civil domestic abuse injunction on my CCAP.  But before you point fingers, it is always best to know what you are talking about.  First let’s start off by saying an injunction is a civil charge not criminal, and nothing criminal has to be alleged or committed to get a civil injunction.  This is fact, anyone who disagrees need not look further than ten minutes of research.  In fact, in my case nothing criminal was alleged.  So let me take a moment to explain this and clear things up once and for all.

It was July of 2009, my son had just been born that March.  I had no rights as a father at that point, however I did go see him quite often as his mother and I were not living together.  In June, his mother had decided that since I had no rights and we weren’t quite getting along at the time, that she would simply refuse all communication with me, making it so I could not see him at all.  This was legal and there was nothing I could do.  After twenty days of calling every day simply asking if I could see him and getting a voicemail and no return call, a sheriff shows up at my door.  He hands me paperwork saying she filed a temporary restraining order on me.  But what really got me was that none of the allegations were even violent (at least she didn’t make it all up).

The next day I had my third cardiac arrest out of stress.  Three days after I got out of the hospital, I had court and in court the judge issued a one year injunction although she asked for four.  So what was the allegation that made it so much easier for her to take him away from me and restricted my rights for a year.  One day, a year and a half before she filed the TRO we were riding in a car and she said that if I ever cheated on her she would have her uncle or brother kill me and I said if she ever cheated on me I would kill her myself.  That was all it took.  In fact, injunctions are issued for things like this all of the time.  I have never laid hands on a woman, nor have I ever even been accused of such.  But my CCAP shows a one year injunction for something that may have been stupid to say but would not have resulted in criminal charges even if true, which the allegation was.

We do, at some point, need to reform our injunction procedures so that injunctions cannot be issued, which they so often are, for incidents when the allegations are not even criminal.  But that is just squashing a common argument the right uses against me from the beginning.  We must all band together and send the message that violence is not acceptable and that putting your hands around a colleague’s neck is much more serious than posting a picture of yourself in boxers.  We must not let this just die as that is what they are expecting.  This should be a bipartisan stance.  Whether you agree with me on politics or not, I think any reasonable human being should agree that violence is immediate grounds for removal.  And we must also encourage Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs to press any charges he would press had this been two citizens and Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne to prosecute to the full extent of the law.  We must rise up and show future generations that this will not be tolerated.  We must demand Prosser’s resignation!



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