GOP Denies Jobs Creation Bills, Wastes Taxpayer Money, and An Open Letter To Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs!

So, today was rather interesting.  I started off the day planning to go to the Senate Organization Committee to watch them go into extraordinary session for literally no reason except a less open government and found out that instead of holding it publicly, like they almost always do, they were holding it privately by paper ballot where there is no comment or citizen oversight whatsoever.  Then I went back for the Assembly Organization Committee where they actually did hold a public session.  On my way there I went to the Elevator.  Scott Fitzgerald got on before me and pressed 2.  I got on, looked at him, and said hello.  He darted out of the door and took the stairs.  When I got to the first floor I saw him in the stairs, nearly running, looking as though he was about to have a heart attack.  All of that just to avoid 30 seconds in the elevator with me.  I must be doing something right.  So I proceeded to the meeting after joining the Solidarity Sing Along for a couple songs.  It started out with Representative Brett Hulsey making small talk and having a very lovely conversation about sports with Kramer and later Suder (and they wonder why the GOP feels comfortable, maybe because the some of the dems are friendly enough to smile and laugh and have a jolly conversation as they screw everyone’s families).  Then the meeting was called to order.

In this meeting several issues were raised.  The Democrats argued that if they can pass redistricting and several other bills in extraordinary session, they might as well pass some old bills that had bipartisan support and had the sole purpose of creating more jobs.  Of course, the GOP said they did not want to work on the jobs creation bills they would rather work on quickly pushing through bills that hurt people rather than help.  And I do apologize if I forget something important that was discussed in this meeting, but I will try to go over most of it and there is also a video.  Then we find out that Jeff Fitzgerald, out of tax payer money, hired a lawyer or team of lawyers to hammer out the redistricting.  The question was posed after this passes do the lawyers stop as well.  Apparently not, see rather than use our Attorney General, who is paid a set rate to represent the state, they would rather use private, expensive, and taxpayer funded attorneys.  And then Peter Barca asked a question about redistricting and Jeff Fitzgerald said he wasn’t sure.  I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t dare introduce a bill and expect not sure to be an answer to any question.  That’s irresponsible.  Anyways, here is the video:

Another interesting piece was that Representative Knodl was gone from the Assembly Organization Committee.  Remember I broke through Facebook a story and document which I had obtained that showed the GOP couldn’t create jobs in the US so they were sending Representative Knodl to Turkey so that he could try to find jobs there.  As they shot down ways to create jobs here, could it be that he was in Turkey.  I’m not entirely sure, all I can do is link the document which I obtained and leaked (after I leaked it all Capitol staff were sent a memo telling them to shred all documents before throwing them away, even though I did not find this particular document in the trash).  Here is a pic of the proof that they are spending taxpayer money to send Knodl to Turkey because they are not confident enough in their job creation from US companies:

In the Assembly Parlor I ran into Chief Charles Tubbs.  I had a brief conversation with him informing him that the Assistant District Attorney Christopher Freeman had informed us that he will not be taking our citations for quietly holding signs in the galleries to court.  The reason was because we have every right to hold signs in the galleries and it would be foolish and a waste of taxpayer money to even try to press charges.  So I asked Chief Tubbs, knowing that all 11 charges that have gone to court so far for me have been dismissed and countless others from other people, if he would politely inform the officers not to remove us next time and allow us to peaceably petition our government as we are able to do per the US and WI constitution.   He didn’t seem like he was going to let up and so will continue to waste valuable police and taxpayer resources violating our first and fourth amendment rights.  So I decided, having a lot of respect for Chief Tubbs, I would write him an open letter.  This can be found here:

And last but not least, I could once again use some help keeping the efforts alive.  Ways to help are here:

All who can make it please show up for the public hearing room 412 East at the Wisconsin State Capitol on redistricting.  There is only one public hearing and it starts at 10AM.  Let’s make them sweat and show up in masses to testify.  One Day Longer!!  One Day Stronger!!

Your Brother In Solidarity,

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC


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