Walker Recall, Fitzmandering (WI Gerrymandering), and Kathy Nickolaus… Again??

First I would like to say thank you to all of the readers.  My last blog post hit an important milestone, between all of the places it was published it got over 1.5 million views and counting.  I say thank you not for personal benefit, as some may know, I make no ad revenue whatsoever myself from any of the blog posts.  I say thank you because it makes it so that we can get the message and word of what is going on in Wisconsin out to as many people as possible.  Wisconsin is ground zero in the fight against facism right now.  And all too often the people who are writing the articles, doing the news interviews, and going on blogs aren’t actually there, they watch from a distance.  I have been at the Capitol daily since Valentines Day with the exception of just three days.  I do it so that people know what is going on.  I do it so that people get the real picture, as only someone who is there at the committee meetings and seeing these politicians every day can.  My efforts are completely funded by the people and times are a bit tight.  If you would like to contribute to help you may do so by clicking here for options.  So thank you all for caring about Wisconsin enough to take time out of your busy day to keep up as what happens here effects everyone.

Let’s start with the Walker recall.  Last week the Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued a statement that they would prefer to see Scott Walker recalled November of 2012 vs what will probably be March 2012.  This caused uproar from the grassroots organizers and the people.  I disagree with the Democratic Party on this, but more importantly find it foolish for them to even issue such a statement.  The Wisconsin game started was, is, and should stay a grassroots effort.  The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has done far less for the “movement” than the grassroots organizations and is, within Wisconsin, not regarded nearly as highly.  They get a lot of money but as far as effect goes they equate to nothing more than a talking head.  And they try to avoid working with grassroots as much as possible, telling organizers like myself they will meet then forming backended deals with other organizers and saying they have no use for us anymore.  The statement by Mike Tate, their chair, both offends me and should you.  They have not come anywhere near earning the ability to make these calls and to think that they would want Walker in any more time is beyond me.  But don’t worry folks, the recall will go on as planned either starting in November 2011 or January 2012 as, fortunately, the DPW has absolutely no say whatsoever in when it happens.

I have always considered myself a liberal and not a Democrat.  The Democratic Party works in the best interest of the Democratic Party, period.  Sometimes that is also the best interest of the people but not always.  But lets talk about momentum for a moment.  It’s true, Wisconsin has lost some momentum since February and March.  People went home got back to lives and work, I understand this.  But I would like to offer a challenge to everyone.  Something everyone can do.  I realize life is busy people have jobs and lives to get to but I am asking that everyone commit two hours a week to helping the fight.  Whether it be going door to door in your neighborhood letting people know what is going on, going door to door or phone banking for the recalls, or going to the Capitol.  However you can help, please do.  If we had everyone who was involved in February and March doing just two hours a week, we would be golden.  I put in usually about twenty hours a day to this struggle so I think we can all do at least two hours a week.  We don’t win this by supporting a few people doing a lot of activism.  We win this by masses doing a little.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s move on to how they plan to tilt the tables in their favor and why we need more people involved.  We have seen every shady and backhanded tactic thought possible from the WI GOP, but now that their approval ratings are so low even Scott Walker says they probably will lose the Senate in recalls, they wish to gerrymander the maps.  For those who don’t know, gerrymandering is the process of moving political districts to help a party or set candidates.  It will come as no surprise that the WI GOP which controls both houses of the legislature, the Executive branch, and the Supreme Court and therefore has been assured no laws need to be followed decided to issue maps that they thought would help them.  While the maps do help certain candidates on the right and require some on the left to move in order to even stay in their district, what the Fitzgerald brothers (leaders of the Senate and Assembly) don’t seem to realize is that no twisting of the maps can save them from the damage they have caused to Wisconsin families for a quick corporate buck.  Instead of creating jobs they decided to delay unemployment.  Instead of making us more intelligent they cut education by unprecedented levels.  Instead of looking out for the disabled, they cut their funding.  Instead of attacking poverty they increased it by cutting Planned Parenthood.  Instead of lowering crime they make it easier to carry a concealed pistol than to vote.  Meanwhile no jobs are created and the middle class is moving lower and lower.

I think the reason people often forget in politics is that they aren’t impacted.  While cutting funding for the disabled (something that seems to happen all of the time regardless of who is in power) may make people upset, they’ll likely forget and move on if they are not disabled.  But the kicker here in Wisconsin is that this horrible legislation will impact absolutely everyone and so the people will not forget.  Had they stopped at union busting they probably would have a chance of keeping some form of power.  But that wasn’t enough they had to dig deeper and deeper until finally literally every single person who makes less than $100k a year is directly impacted in one way or another.  And that is why we will win this.  People will not forgive or forget this time.  I voted for Scott Walker and I’m sorry seems to be a very common thing these days.  I didn’t vote for him myself, but we welcome those who did with open arms.  It’s ok to have been misled but now that you realize it, do something.  Get involved and show him that you will not allow people to lie to you without any repercussions.  Here’s a video of three activists, myself, as well as CJ and Arthur speaking out and telling it like it is at the public hearing on redistricting:

And last but not least we get to Kathy Nickolaus, the Waukesha County Clerk who cannot run an election without some form of what she calls “human error” what anyone with common sense can see equates to a high probability of election fraud and which always seems to benefit the GOP candidate.  Remember the Supreme Court election when JoAnne Kloppenburg was announced the winner??  I posted on Facebook and told people something seems fishy in Waukesha County on April 6th.  And sure enough on April 7th, 14,000 peoples votes were said to not have been counted.  Then we find out that the software that she uses was made exclusively for her, the Government Accountability Board conducts a half assed investigation which didn’t investigate much of anything at all and the recount starts.  When we get to the recount there are several bags that are wide open (bags are supposed to be sealed so that clerks cannot replace votes with their unused ballots), there are several bags where the tags don’t match the number on the bag, and all the while, she is allowed to sit with the ballots in her office.  Not to mention some of the tapes from the machines had April 3 on them, two days before the election.

So why would I talk about Kathy Nickolaus, fraud queen number one if the Supreme Court recount is over and there is nothing that can be done anymore?  The answer is because she seems to be at it again.  You see we are now facing the recalls and part of her county is in Alberta Darlings district.  For those of you who don’t know, Alberta Darling is not so darling, in fact she is a Senator who chairs the Joint Committee on Finance, the most powerful legislative committee in Wisconsin.  As they were passing the budget, millions of dollars were flowing in from special interests to keep her in office, despite the fact that she got 175% of her recall signatures and many are not happy with her in her own district.  If the current GOP wants any person to win their recall election it’s Alberta Darling.  So what does Kathy Nickolaus do when part of her county is also in Alberta Darlings Senate district??  She lowers transparency and makes sure that she keeps all of the ballots.  That’s right, the lady who has had a “human error” that benefits the GOP in almost all if not all of the elections she has ever run, who escaped criminal charges by claiming immunity, who more likely than not frauded the entire Supreme Court election, is keeping the ballots from Alberta Darlings recall election in her control.  And then she announced today that she will not be posting municipal vote totals.  For the first time, she won’t post those online.  Less transparency, complete control over all ballots and bags, a history of what is most likely fraud, and that is how they plan to keep Darling in.  We must make sure to spend extra energy on both getting out the vote in Darling’s district outside of Waukesha County and making sure there is someone at every step supervising Waukesha County and taking note of everything once the recall election comes.  If this disgusts you as much as it does me please call the Government Accountability board at (608) 266-8005 or email them a complaint gab@wi.gov.  Thanks and until next time let’s continue ONE DAY LONGER and ONE DAY STRONGER!


Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC



2 thoughts on “Walker Recall, Fitzmandering (WI Gerrymandering), and Kathy Nickolaus… Again??

  1. government accountability board? what a joke! they are NOT doing their job and never really have. Even in my own measly county board election my opponent, on race #2 broke all kinds of laws, you think there was ANY investigation? No !
    on my #3 race ( in office 2 terms) my opponent NEVER filed a expense or fund raising report. and yet a year later, nothing is done.He was allowed to bully me and tell out and out lies about me. To Whom was this taken? why the GAB of course. They sit on their hands and let it happen..
    Do these guys get paid? Who elects them to their posts? This is total Fascism at its most elitist level. God help us all. While earth gets steamier and Wisconsin families get screwed by the big money boys one more time. I for one am sick of it!! I want my planet and my state back.

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