Wisconsin Senate Votes to Hurt Unemployed and Police Manhandle Protester

While the nation was fixated on Washington D.C. today, and rightfully so, Wisconsin saw its fair share of GOP induced abuse of working families.  The Senate voted to extend unemployment one week.  At a time when thousands are without work, oftentimes due to no fault of their own, they voted to add a one week waiting period to unemployment.  But it goes beyond that, the hypocrisy was running rampant.  Remember this is the same State Senate that voted unanimously to not add the one week waiting period.  That was before brothers Fitzgerald (Jeff and Scott, leaders of the Senate and Assembly) met in a back room and decided to instead go with Scott Walker and require the waiting period.  So today the Senate vote was much different than the 33-0 vote to end the waiting period.  In one week the GOP senators miraculously changed their mind and voted to add an extra week of waiting.

Now please do keep in mind that this entire vote was postponed twice already so that no one would be effected before recalls.  You see the Wisconsin GOP realized that if people had to wait an extra week for unemployment when they are on the verge of losing everything and would appreciate a little food on the table, they would lose the recall elections.  So instead they decided to just make sure everyone suffers after the recalls.  This is one of many reasons we need all hands on deck calling the recall districts.  Please, everyone across the country take a little time to make some phone calls.  What happens in Wisconsin will effect everyone, if we win this battle it will have a positive effect on the entire country.  If we lose it will have a potentially lethal effect on our entire country.  So please take a moment and make a few calls here:

Make Calls Now!

As many of you know I am in recovery from an operation and my knee is in pretty bad shape.  I decided today, however, that despite having a bad knee I would go and make a stand for our constitution.  I decided to film an open meeting of the Senate as I do feel this unconstitutional rule needs to be repealed.  Once again I got asked to put the camera away or leave and informed them that I was protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution and Article 1 Section 3 of the Wisconsin Constitution.  The police came over.  They often carry me out for things like silently videotaping and holding constitutions but this time I got up, knowing that getting carried would likely add weeks on to my surgical recovery.  One officer grabbed my arm and started pulling me, the other pushed me from the other side quite violently.

At this point several people have noticed and as they described it I was being manhandled.  I was walking with the officers, they didn’t think it was fast enough so one officer pulled me quite hard.  I fell and my knee pulled causing excruciating pain.  I was prepared for this but just reacted out of instinct.  I couldn’t get up because my knee was in too much pain so I took half my arm from elbow to hand and flung it against the State Trooper in front of me who pulled me, pinning him to the wall.  I managed, as he was falling back a bit, to push myself up enough to stand.  He said something about resisting arrest and assault of an officer and then he heard what I had already said ten times.  That my knee was hurting and I couldn’t walk fast.  He decided it was not best to push this as assault of an officer as he was the primary aggressor.  I did manage to get video of some of the Senate session (although pretty much all just audio).  You can find that here:

And as always, myself and the other activists at the Capitol will continue to hold down the fort.  Some people say it’s silly to risk your own health and safety just to be able to film a meeting.  To that I say our troops die for us to have these very rights, is that silly?  Of course it isn’t.  We will continue to fight one day longer and one day stronger because it is necessary.  We are willing to give our safety, we are willing to make whatever sacrifices are needed to restore our rights and our democracy.  We as a people need to rise up and stop waiting until something is in effect to challenge it.  We must question and challenge our government every step of the way and we must keep track of what our government is doing.  We as a people created this mess by becoming too compliant.  We as a people must fix it!


Jeremy Ryan

Defending Wisconsin PAC



NOTE: My activism and efforts are completely funded by the people and times have been tough.  Please help with the rent and food fund if you can by clicking here!


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