Wisconsin Wire: State Troopers Arrest Protesters For Silently Filming, One Injured

Today was a very interesting day to say the least.  The Senate saw two new Senators sworn in, Senator Schilling and Senator King.  This was a joyous time, the people have spoken, and although we likely had two of the recall elections stolen (statistically proven by exit polls so much more likely than not), it was great to see two more Senators sworn in that we can hold accountable.  You see, Democrats and Republicans have good apples and bad apples.  Some Democrats, as we have seen this year, will vote against the people and hurt them just as much as some of what the Republicans do.  But they are generally more accountable to the people.  It is up to us as a people to make sure Senator Schilling and King work in our best interest, somehow I don’t think this will be a problem though.  They seem more than willing.

A little while after they got done something disturbing was happening at the other side of the building.  It all started with CJ Terrell and Thi Le.  They decided to assert their rights under the First Amendment of the US Constitution and Article 1 Section 3 of the Wisconsin State Constitution and film a meeting of the legislature so they could publish it as press.  They were arrested with the Speaker Pro Tempore reciting Assembly Rule 26, wrong by the way.  In fact, he said that Assembly Rule 26 states that cameras are not allowed in the chamber except by credentialed press.  He was in fact wrong.

To prove this I will recite the entire Assembly Rule 26, found on the Wisconsin Legislature site here:

Assembly Rule 26. Conduct in the chamber.

(1) The presiding officer shall preserve order, decorum, and quiet on and about the assembly floor during sessions.
(2) While the presiding officer is addressing the assembly or submitting a question, a member may not cross or leave the floor. While a member is speaking, a member may not walk between the speaking member and the presiding officer.
(3) A person may not read any printed newspaper on the assembly floor or in the visitor galleries while the assembly is in session.
(4) A person may not consume food on the assembly floor or in the visitor galleries.
(5) A person may not smoke on the assembly floor or in the visitor galleries.
(a) Except as provided in par. (b), a person may not use a 2-way mobile radio service, such as a personal communications service, or a 2-way mobile radio device, such as a cellular telephone, in the assembly chamber, other than in the offices of the speaker, majority leader, and minority leader, and in hallways.
(b) Paragraph (a) does not apply to:
1. A member of the capitol police or a law enforcement officer.
2. The assembly sergeant at arms or a person acting at his or her direction.
3. A person authorized by motion of the speaker adopted by majority vote of the members present and voting.
4. The assembly chief clerk or a person acting at his or her direction.
5. A member in the parlor or lobbies.
(7) A person, other than a person specified in rule 25 (3), may not possess or use in the assembly chamber a microphone designed to pick up conversation more than 10 feet away from the microphone.
      So, not only did Bill Kramer lie on the floor, he also had two people illegally arrested.  A little while after Thi and CJ were taken to jail for silently filming, the Democrats asked the rule be suspended as it is clearly unconstitutional.  Their motion was tabled, the blatant disregard for rights continued.   Then came Jenna Pope (Batman) and I.  They were very brutal in taking CJ and Thi out and I think the State Troopers were for Jenna as well.  Apparently, rather than read my letter, Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs decided to instead harvest a violent atmosphere as everything that happened today could have been prevented by just heeding my warning.  In fact, I even told Chief Tubbs in the letter that if things were not addressed and with utmost authority, they would escalate and they did.
      So Jenna gets pulled out, apparently they made several rude remarks to her about not having a job (she actually does have one) and such.  They then come to me, trying to capture the session so I can later report on it with video as a legitimate member of the press (you wouldn’t be reading this if I wasn’t).  I inform them that the constitution trumps any Assembly rules and that I have every right to film.  At this point a State Trooper (who will be named in the police report, didn’t get his name today) grabbed my arm and flung it back, prying my camera out of my hand making it illegally seized property therefore a Fourth Amendment rights violation as well, and threw it to the floor.  With my arm still back and fully extended the officer grabs at my neck with full force causing excruciating pain and a very audible pop.
      I reacted out of instinct and pushed my neck back as I was certain this was unlawful force.  Now keep in mind, this type of event could be fatal.  I have a heart condition that makes surges in adrenaline lethal.  I am able to self control my adrenaline in most cases, but you never know when police violence is involved.  Every police officer in the Capitol knows this and if not it is solely the fault of Chief Tubbs for allowing an officer to be in an arrestable position without them knowing the people they are arresting.  Every member of the Capitol Police and pretty much every State Patrol officer who has so much as stepped foot in the Capitol this year knows the bulk of us by name.  Every last one knows I have a heart condition.  I was also wearing a leg brace from a visible injury where I tore some ligaments and probably the Miniscous as well in my knee.  These officers knew this, in fact they acknowledged this by saying “Just let us do our job and we will try to not make your conditions worse”.
     The fact is, however, based on the force that was used on my neck, had the officer succeeded in what he was trying to do (take me down to the floor from my chair by neck), my head would have hit the railing less than two feet away (talk about a cramped seat as well).  Thankfully I managed to react in a split second and slow down my downward thrust enough to at least not hit the railing.  We spent what seemed like hours probably just a minute or two with the troopers holding my arm fully extended and my neck, now throbbing in pain.  Finally two Capitol Police officers who I would assume saw from the other gallery and realized something was wrong came through.  These officers are named Hyatt and Ray.  They deserve commendation as, had it not been for them, the baton would have likely been drawn.  They stopped the State Patrol officer and assisted me on my Segway and downstairs.  I was then booked and released at the Dane County Jail.  The charge for silently filming OUR legislature?  Disorderly Conduct, misdemeanor.
     I later went to the hospital as the adrenaline of the moment lasted quite some time and the pain had sunk in full force.  I can’t even move my neck without excruciating pain.  The actions of the trooper caused a severe sprain of the neck and likely (although unable to tell yet) a torn tendon.  I now have to walk around in a neck brace (to complement my knee brace I guess) and the pain is severe enough to warrant a drug regimen of Percocet and Valium.  I don’t mind taking a hit for the greater good of all.  This all could have been avoided had Chief Tubbs or any one of those officers followed the constitution or even my warning letter, none of this would have needed to happen. Here is a picture of what I look like now:
      The arrest itself was illegal.  We must bring light to this incident.  Police brutality must not be tolerated, last time it was purposely dragging my knee knowing it was bad, this time it is attacking the neck, next is the baton.  But there shouldn’t be a next.  It is up to us to make sure there is not.  Please share this article and let everyone know.  I will heal, but had this gone a different way or had that officer succeeded in taking me down, I would likely be dead.  And to Chief Tubbs I say this.  WAKE UP.  Your negligence has caused injury, stop this madness now.  And to everyone else, no matter how much they try to intimidate me I will continue to fight and hope you will as well.  ONE DAY LONGER.  ONE DAY STRONGER

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC


[Editor’s Note: Donations made through this post go to the author, not the website]

Note: Segway Jeremy Ryan has become a full-time member of the protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Formerly a businessman, he gave up his business to join the fight for the middle class in the State of Wisconsin. Through videos and writings he has informed hundreds of thousands of people about what was going on at the Wisconsin State Capitol once the mainstream media had mostly abandoned the protests. His full-time activism is completely funded by the people. If you would like to help out please click here.


6 thoughts on “Wisconsin Wire: State Troopers Arrest Protesters For Silently Filming, One Injured

  1. An officer of the law is supposed to uphold law and keep peace, among other things. He and Kramer broke the law…as well as others who stood by without assistance, verbal or physical. That officer assaulted you…nearly aggravated assault (with a weapon…are handcuffs considered a weapon?)

    This is fascism and police brutality. I know you could sue the bajeezuz out of them but I’m not sure if that’s a priority of yours at this time. Take care of yourself for at least one night, watch some Adult Swim & chow down on some Reeses. Doctor’s orders.

  2. Jeremy, I am deeply sorrowed that this happened to you. Violence is INEXCUSABLE. I hope that you have an attorney working on this matter.

    1. Never said I was a fan. I do think she’s much better than the GOP alternatives but give me a freaken break. Due to standing up to the rights of your unappreciative existence, I have a messed up neck. Be thankful I spelled anything right. Leave your nitpicking for someone else.

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