Adam Kind Still Free After “Castle Doctrine” Killing of Bo Morrison (DOX Included)

I keep trying, but I just can’t stop thinking about events as of late.  I sat in the hearings as the horrible “Castle Doctrine” passed the legislature.  I listened to legislators warn of how this law will just legalize murder.  I watched the Republicans try to pretend like this was purely a bill for people to defend their lives.  And then there was Tuesday, a rally for Trayvon Martin and Bo Morrison.  Most of the nation by now knows what happened to Trayvon Martin.  This is good, everyone should know.  Most people who hear are absolutely sickened.  The only way these laws can change is by people knowing what happened and speaking up.  A slightly less covered story, but equally as sickening is that of Bo Morrison.  Bo was 20, and he was at a party to celebrate the life of a friend who had recently passed away.  The party was held the night of March 2nd into early morning of March 3rd.  The party was in a detached garage.  As is quite common in any city, many of the people at the party were drinking underage.

As is also common with parties, it was a bit loud.  I will refer to the original report from the Washington County District Attorneys office for background.  The neighbor, Adam Kind, woke up and went to a car and told the people to turn the music down.  He pounded on the window and told them to turn it down and they complied, Bo was not seen in the car at all.  He then went back home and called the police.  Of note is that he felt it safe to go confront the teenagers in the car and therefore leave his wife and three kids (two which were his and one who was sleeping over) alone.  The police came out and saw a gentleman run in as soon as they were spotted.  They did hear music.  The police tried to get in but were unable. They eventually left and parked a short distance away, about 100 ft from the neighbor’s house, the other a block away.  They knew who was throwing the party and were planning on issuing citations to them the next day.

At about 1:50 am the police officers called the homeowner and stated they would take a complaint from him in the morning. This call lasted about four and a half minutes.  His next call was to the homeowner who was at work.  She stated that her husband was woken up and would take care of the two daughters and the party.  The officer advised her to inform him to wait in the driveway and not make contact with the party, so that they would not flee.  She was not able to relay the message and the father (other homeowner) yelled that the place was surrounded by police.  As is normal in this situation, several people fled, among them Bo Morrison.  He decided to hide in the three season porch of the neighbor.  It was a move anyone could have made.  The neighbor and killer, Adam Kind, then heard a noise, likely the father banging on the garage.  Kind then retrieved his pistol, loaded it, and went to investigate.  At this point Kind himself said he could not recall exactly when and how everything happened.

Nonetheless, Kind ended up in the three season porch and saw something out of the corner of his eye.  That something was Bo Morrison.  It is also worth noting that Slinger Wisconsin, where this occurred, has less than a 1% minority rate.  According to the 2010 US Census, Morrison was one of 168 African-Americans in a town with a Caucasian population over 8,000.  As we know, in many small white towns, racial profiling still exists.  But after Bo was spotted he put his hand up and stepped forward.  He was shot immediately according to Kind.  One shot to the chest killed him.  At the rally a very close friend of Bo’s spoke.  She said he would often put his hand or hands in the air when he sensed tension just to say everything was alright.  Then, if he knew you he would give you a bear hug.  The Washington County District Attorney’s Office indicated this shooting was legal.  But as was pointed out by Politiscoop, there are many questions left unanswered and/or inconsistencies.

The problem with this timeline is that Mr. Kind claims to have hung up and went to the bedroom. Where was the phone located? Assuming it took him 30 seconds to hang up and walk to the bedroom, we are at 1:56 am. He heard a noise and retrieved his revolver and loaded it, claiming the revolver was in a box in the closet. We can assume that, at a fast pace would have taken about 1.5 minutes. (no call to 911 by his wife)

Approximately 1:58 a.m he goes in search of a possible intruder in the dark and shoots and kills Bo Morrison 1 minute before his wife calls 911. Now the homeowner states he spoke to Morrison, asked him one or two questions and also indicates time taken to walk into the 3 season porch and Morrison stood up, raised his hands and took a step towards Mr. Kind.

The Washington County Sheriff indicates the wife stated that she called immediately after the shooting occurred. The details describe a very fast chain of events, not to mention the Kind’s own a dog who was not even barking at the time of the 911 call, nor were kids crying about being startled from sleep by a gun shot in the home. What is missing is chaos that coincides with such a traumatic event.

In the report, the homeowner gave conflicting statements; that after receiving the phone call from the Slinger police officer, he went back to bed and spoke with his wife. He then heard a loud noise. The homeowner stated that he heard banging coming from the back of his house and he was not exactly sure what it was.

If that is true, it would be impossible to fit in the timeline unless Mr. Kind ran from where the phone was located to jump into bed, have a very fast conversation with his wife, heard a noise, leap to the closet, loaded the gun, searched for the intruder, located the intruder, spoke to the intruder, shot the intruder and all in less than 5 minutes.

Indeed there are many questions left unanswered.  But the most important story, Bo’s, will never be able to be told.  And much like George Zimmerman, Adam Kind still walks free long after killing Bo Morrison in the wee hours of the morning March 3rd.  To stand by a law like this is to stand by the repeal of one’s right to life or liberty.  To stand by a law that let’s Kind go free equates to destruction of the judicial system.  A person can murder 100 people in Wisconsin and cannot even be sentenced to death by a judge and jury.  But Bo Morrison was guilty of nothing more than possibly trespassing and underage drinking, civil offenses, and he was able to be killed without a judge and without a jury?  What kind of sick world do we live in where this is justice?  Adam Kind deserves to have his name posted everywhere.  He is a murderer and he is at large.  He and George Zimmerman should be in jail for a long time.  I didn’t know Bo or Trayvon.  To the best of my knowledge, I don’t even know anyone who did, despite the fact that he did come to Madison and had many friends here.  But this is all irrelevant.  Every person I DO know could have been them.  And still could be.  Had Adam called the police they would have been on site in less than a minute.  They would then search the house and subsequently the porch with flashlights.  The fact he called AFTER killing Bo is also very much relevant as calling the police would have made sure his porch and the perimeter of his house were safe without any “risk”.  I also don’t find it coincidental that the State Senator for that district is Glenn Grothman who has authored many racist bills.  One even to end equal pay.  The fact Bo was African American likely has more to do with why the DA felt he reasonably felt intimidated than anything.  Nothing Bo did would reasonably invoke a gun shot.

To this day, some reports on the incident just list him as the homeowner.  But I realize people feel very passionate about this issue and I think the time is now to make sure everyone knows who Adam Kind is.  Furthermore, I think people should be able to tell him themselves what they think.  His lawyer and the DA are claiming this fits under self-defense laws not just the “Castle Doctrine”.  This is, of course, a lie as prior self-defense laws required equal or lesser force be used.  It is a FACT Bo had no weapons.  He was killed by a gun. Equal or lesser force would be to step forward and raise a hand himself.  But instead he shot and Bo is dead.  A family and multiple communities full of friends grieve a life that should not have ended.  And as always I do not endorse or support using information given for harassing or threatening purposes.  But outside of that I truly do believe he needs to hear from the people.  Anyone and everyone can be the next victim.  So I am leaving some dox for people to address their grievances.  I suggest this only be used for legitimate and decent conversation at decent hours.  And please share this and tell everyone who Adam Kind is.  A judge and jury should decide if this is legal or not.  But they can’t so if you need to ask questions to judge for yourself what kind of safety threat he is at large, here is his info (all of which is public and was found via public search):

Name: Adam M Kind

Home Phone: 262-297-1319 *Has since been disconnected.  GREAT!  HE doesn’t deserve to go back to a convenient life.  He should have to change his number and leave the country!

Cell Phone: (262) 689-2429 *Voice mail now states wife’s name.  Still a good place to ask questions.

If you want to send him a letter, please send to:

Letters To A Killer

P.O. Box 260080

Madison, Wisconsin 53726-0080

*I will not post his address but will forward any letters sent to the above address to his home address.  There are children at his house and my intent is simply to see justice.  That doesn’t involve anyone going to his house.  But I do have his address and I promise to forward any letters sent to the above address.

Together we can make sure that people keep talking about Adam Kind and George Zimmerman.  Together we can petition all of our representatives and make sure people pledge to repeal these laws or vote against them if your state doesn’t have them.  Together we can spread the word and eventually, we should be able to bring justice.  It may take several years but we must make sure any laws repealing these “castle doctrine” or “stand your ground” laws also include punishment for those who have already killed.  Also please sign and share the petition for justice found here.  Together we can continue fighting.  One day longer!  One day stronger!

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

Segway Jeremy Ryan has become a full-time member of the protests at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Formerly a businessman, he gave up his business to join the fight for the middle class in the State of Wisconsin. He rides a Segway due to a heart condition.  Through videos and writings he has informed hundreds of thousands of people about what was going on at the Wisconsin State Capitol once the mainstream media had mostly abandoned the protests. He has been arrested over 31 times for silently filming or holding up a sign in the Capitol.


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