About Segway Jeremy Ryan

“Segway” Jeremy Ryan is an activist in the struggle in Wisconsin.  He is the most arrested man in the Wisconsin State Capitol and was the first to get arrested for holding signs in the rotunda, committee meetings, and galleries as well as the first to be arrested for filming in the galleries.  When not leading or participating in civil disobedience at the Capitol, Jeremy is an investigative reporter uncovering such developments as the 2006 vote discrepancy in Waukesha County and the DOA writing election software.  In March, he was called “The Big Bad Wolf” and “Public Enemy Number 1” by Scott Walker and has been harassed and put on the no-fly list by Homeland Security for political activism.  Jeremy remains a leader in the struggle in Wisconsin.  He is also Executive Director of Wisconsin’s first recall PAC, Defending Wisconsin PAC.



One thought on “About Segway Jeremy Ryan

  1. God bless you, Jeremy. Thank you so much for your activism and for sharing your thoughts. I lost a dear friend to brain tumors 3 months ago and he wasn’t able to speak as you have. It is good to hear of your satisfaction with what you have done in life. May we all leave this world as you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jeremy.

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